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Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is a technology that helps us make phone calls using the broadband internet connection instead of a regular telephone service. We do what other providers won’t and have the quality, experience and support to back it up. We offer everything you need including plans, devices and support. Get started running your own VOIP Business, and EARN MONEY NOW!

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  • Work From Home! Our program is so simple that you can work from home, your office or from any place you happen to be. Due to the magic of the internet, it does not matter where you are.
  • Work On Your Own Schedule! Because of the many creative marketing tools we give you, you can work on your own schedule, day or night. In fact, these tools allow you to work while you sleep or do other things.
  • Part-Time or Full-Time! You can start part-time and build into a full-time business. Invest as much or little time as you desire. In fact, much of your marketing can be passive and on auto-pilot.
  • Total Automation! No inventory to buy or store. No paperwork to complete. No meetings to attend. Everything is totally automated through your website and email.
  • Reseller Commissions! Earn up to 40% commission on each reseller package you sell.
  • Residual Income! Not only are you paid for the reseller packages you sell but you are also paid a commission on your retail customer’s monthly phone service bill as long as they and you remain our customer.
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  • Sign-Up - Once you are a reseller, it is easy to setup your Reseller Website and start earning commissions. All you have to do is visit “Member Services” and activate your Reseller Website.
  • Free Marketing Tools – When you activate your Reseller Agent Website our Success System automatically creates your own marketing website and you can immediately begin referring customers through this site. Many other free marketing tools will help you bring traffic to your new referral website.
  • Real-Time Reports – Watch your matrix fill and your commissions grow in real-time! When someone referred by you becomes our customer, you can immediately see this in your personal online report. You can also see whether or not they have activated their Reseller Website or are just a retail customer.
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    New Reseller Package includes, Your Own Website, software phone, Unlimited Domestic Voip Phone Service, Earn up to 40% Commission on Reseller Packages you sell, Residual Income from all your retail customers phone service bill. (* Please note that resellers have a 49.95 monthly maintenance fee to stay an active reseller which includes web hosting service, back office, commission payouts, training, technical support, administrative and customer service support, free phone service, appropriate taxes may be applied.)

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  • You DON’T need to make a website!

  • You DON’T need your own product!

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  • You DON’T need any ‘salesmanship’ skills!

  • You DON’T need any technical knowledge!

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  • You DON’T need to be an expert in any niche or market!

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